This is my "new, improved" design of a 30-string Celtic harp. The body and pillar are made of solid mahogany. Actually, the pillar is made of two pieces of mahogany cut from the same board and glued side-by-side with opposing grain to counteract warping. 

The harp's neck borrows its design from the Paraguayan harp. It's a double neck in which the strings come down through the center, to avoid the twisting force apparent in all side-strung harps. 

The ingenious design of the double neck uses the force of the strings to hold this harp together. This allows the building of a lightweight instrument that's closer in construction to a guitar than to a railroad trestle. This harp barely weighs 10 lbs. The lighter mass allows the use of lighter strings that are easy on the player's fingers like the strings of an acoustic guitar. You will not need to develop callouses on your fingers to play this harp.

Machine tuners provide easy, reliable, and accurate tuning. And there's no chance of misplacing your tuning hammer.

For shipping, the harp is collapsed by loosening the strings, and detaching the pillar and neck from the body. Reassembly takes a couple of minutes. Then, the strings have to be brought back to pitch and that's all there's to it. 

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