A Cimbalom
Chromatic hammered dulcimer with a note distribution scheme designed by a sadist.

A Pontic Lyre
A bottle-shaped fiddle, introduced by the Greeks of Asia Minor, who copied the Turkish kemence (little fiddle). 
A Byzantine psaltery
A lap or tabletop psaltery, otherwise known as canon. (Think of Pachelbel rather than artillery.) Traditionally played with finger picks. The bridge sits on a membrane of stretched rawhide. It has 25 nylon strings and sounds like a harp.
Here are some instruments I have built over the years to combat boredom, satisfy my curiosity, and hone my luthiery chops. 
A Kantele
AKA Nordic psaltery. Fifteen metal strings. One of the easiest instruments to play. Nice, bell-like tone.
A Hurdy-Gurdy
The hurdy gurdy is mostly associated with French folk music but its bagpipe-like sound is well suited for any music written for bagpipes, fiddle or gaida. Its French name is  vielle a roue. (Vee-'el ah 'roo.)

A five-string Kantele
Most popular design. Apparently, there's a lot of music for it.