I hope the pictures are self-explanatory. The whole thing is constructed with 3/4-inch PVC pipe and fittings. Disregard the connectors in the middle of the vertical pieces. I used them because I needed to change the height of the base.

1.   8 Tees.
2.   6 end caps.
3.   2 10ft-lengths of 3/4" diameter, schedule 40 PVC pipe.
4.   2 1/2-inch common hinges.                
Height: 22-24 inches in front
Width: 18-20 inches
Rear extensions: 4-8 inches, depending on the angle you wish to set the dulcimer.


The dulcimer sits with the front edge against the side of the Tees to prevent slipping. The rear extensions support the bottom of the dulcimer. To decide on the actual height of the base, sit on a chair and measure the distance between the floor and the top of your knees. Add 1 to 3 inches, or more, depending on your playing style. You can experiment with the height of the risers on the back to fit your playing angle.

Mark the PVC pipe with pencil and using a miter box make the cuts with a hacksaw or any fine-toothed saw. Sand away all burr.

Drill holes for the hinge screws on the centerline of the Tees.

Before cementing, attach the hinges and assemble the base to test for proper height, etc. When you're satisfied, use PVC pipe cement to weld the pieces together assembling them on a flat surface to avoid distorting the shape. Do not weld the two risers on the back, as you may need to change their height later. Use short scrap pieces to connect the end caps to the bottom Tees.

You may spray paint the base with any color you wish, but remember that PVC doesn't absorb paint and it scratches easily.

for twenty bucks or so.
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